Tessa Vierk


With a wide-ranging background in the culinary arts, food and social justice, and sustainability, Tessa is a community builder interested in creating opportunities for self-sufficiency and resource equity in her community. Seeing a need for safe, accessible, and equitable spaces that empower self-directed learning and personal improvement, she set out to bring Chicago its first public tool lending library.

email: tessa@chicagotoollibrary.org


Jim Benton


Jim believes that all people should have access to the things they need to thrive. A computer programmer by trade, he leads teams empowered by shared ownership, knowledge, and experience. Jim lived for several years in Portland, OR, where he served on the board and as President of the Southeast Portland Tool Library. Now again residing in Chicago, Jim is excited to put his experience to use opening The Chicago Tool Library.

email: jim@chicagotoollibrary.org


Consider joining us!

The Chicago Tool Library is currently run on 100% volunteer power. Please email team@chicagotoollibrary.org if you are interested in serving on our board of directors or joining our volunteer staff to help with administration, bookkeeping, volunteer coordination, program development, or anything you’re excited about!